“I keep my clothes, my silks, my objects. All my conquests unearthed in the deep blue, like treasures. Cause this is what make me unique.”

                                                                                  BLUE DEEP  


Who we are

We are a small Bolognese family company founded more than thirty years ago. We were born with the production of leather garments and then, over the years, we have expanded our offer to a total look for women.  We still believe in the "Made in Italy" and we still preserve and carry on our tradition.  

BLUE DEEP was born thanks to the commitment of Maurizio and Cristina Madia and continues thanks to the work of the daughters Elisa - designer of the brand - and Carolina - retail manager and buyer.

What is BLUE DEEP for us

BLUE DEEP is the deep research, the continuous dedication and the passion in what we do, to create a world of our own, unique and special.  

BLUE DEEP world 

The BLUE DEEP world is made of research and passion. The objects surrounding us have been discovered and carefully chosen to create a warm and welcoming environment, as if entering a house, ours.  

In the dressing rooms you can find two chairs that we are very fond of. They have been in our family for generations and we have chosen to share them with you, to make you feel a little more at home.  

There are the Art Deco dividers from the 1940s, honey and chocolate, to warm the walls. The vintage mirrors, a pharmacy counter and the found objects to which Clara, an artisan with whom we collaborate, gave a second life with her threads.  

We love collaborating with artists, artisans and other brands because we want our world to be a lively and dynamic. 

The BLUE DEEP collection

It is simple but refined, feminine and at the same time discreet.  It is the combination of everyday life and attention to detail in a completely personal style.  

At BLUE DEEP vintage silks, found by companies from Como and intended to be scarves, become covers for outerwear, blouses or belts. These, together with leather garments, are the fil rouge of our collections.

The BLUE DEEP bijoux

Our bijoux are handmade by Simonetta Sassi. Biologist and artisan from Bologna, who creates an exclusive line of bijoux just for us. Her continuous playing with hard stones, silver, brass and silk threads make our jewelry delightful and fun.